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Refund policy

We support a full refund in the following cases, and the refund will be returned on the same route within 3 working days

1. After the order is placed, the item has not been handed over to the express, you can cancel the order and refund

2. Product quality problems cause the product to be unusable

3. If the delivery time is more than 7 days, you can apply to cancel the order and refund

No refunds in the following cases

1. Logistics shows that the goods have been signed for more than 3 days

2. No quality problems

Other cases

1. If your order has been sent but the product has not been received, you can contact us by email to help you intercept the express delivery. If the express delivery is successfully intercepted, we will refund you the remaining amount after deducting the shipping and refund fees. If the courier cannot be intercepted, we will consider you to have received the goods based on the express delivery situation. If there is no quality problem, we will not accept refund applications.

Please contact us by email before applying for a refund, otherwise we will reject your direct return request.

If you have any questions or do not understand, please feel free to contact us  via email(Email:[email protected].

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